Gratitude (Thanks letter to Creator)

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The coloring pages are the most fun activity for kids, and kids of all age love to color their favorite animals are anything that they like. The benefits of coloring pages are many, and the kids learn several things like self expression, when you ask to color on a piece of paper, both adults and kids like to express themselves.  The image can reveal the feelings of the person that they draw and the colors that they use.  The coloring pages helps the children the chance to express themselves through this art. It also makes them feel good, because kids express themselves in different ways, some like to express words, some in writing, and some with art.

All the pictures are in full resolution, you can directly download any picture from here (right click your mouse – then save picture) and use your printer (click on the print button on your keyboard) to print it out and put some colors on it.

Dear Lord, I don’t know where to start………… I know I often or I always forget you. I am sorry for ignoring you all time. I really need you. I need your help, guidance, & forgiveness. I thank you for your create all this thing. In this world you create sky, sun, wind, flowers etc. it’s all your mishear. Thanks it’s all we can enjoy all your misheard. Thanks for your being love, I am now realize that when I am loving. I am full of fear, hatred, lost, anger then I am out of my life. When I trust myself, exposed my heart than you are always there to give me the love I need. I am gratitude to you and my prophet the best teacher I have ever had. Your lesson are custom made to help me work on what I need to learn in this life time. Dear Lord, I am unable gratitude words how can I express. Please forgive me. Thanks your presence our nearby. You will be best of friend & you are helper who will not betray to anyone. Thanks for with me. When everyone signs in the world removed, there is no one that remains forever only you.

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